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"Now is as good a time as any to communicate to you how thrilled we have been with your work. You absolutely exceeded our expectations and opened our eyes to a whole new world. Your professionalism and dedication is beyond reproach, and I would be delighted to refer you to anyone who asked.”
– Client Feedback, March 2010
“John single-handedly launched our PR efforts at Flixster, from helping us formulate our PR strategy, developing our message, through to the succesful execution of our plans. John is fantastic to work with — creative, thorough, organized. He has helped us gain focus, and the results that he and J2 have achieved have had a tangible effect on our sales, awareness and our overall business.”
– Client Feedback, January 2010
“Our products are specific to certain target groups, and (J2 Communications) was able to focus on what we needed to get the word out on a global level, and did so from day one. Immediate results were seen, and are still ongoing. J2 has already proven invaluable to the growth of our business, and has demonstrated passion, commitment – and wasted absolutely no time.”
– Client Feedback, October 2009
J2 Communications “has helped us to develop and implement a comprehensive publicity, promotion and marketing strategy for all media types. John’s experience and proven expertise, in addition to his impressive connections in this field, has been an invaluable contribution to our success.”
– Client Feedback, August 2009
“Knowing we were in need of PR and not sure where to start, I turned to John. He was able to quickly put together a great strategy for media outreach. I’m amazed at how quickly he was able to identify our needs! Beyond working on the strategy, he put pen to paper and not only edited existing press releases, getting us the desired results, but also guided us through the process of writing pitches.”
– Client Feedback, March 2009
“Quite simply, John is one of the best publicists I’ve worked with in my 13 years (at this magazine).”
– Journalist Feedback, January 2009
“For an entertainment editor, gaining access to media (information, photos & video) is very important. John has been invaluable in providing our sites with information and assets that are both relevant to our specific audience and timely. I get hundreds of story pitches and news releases every day, many of which are not relevant to our sites, but whenever an email comes in from John, I make sure that I read it.”
– Journalist Feedback, January 2009
“Detail-oriented, focused, creative, smart, and collaborative.”
– Partner Feedback, January 2009
“One of the most buttoned up, professional, articulate and well connected publicists I know.”
– Partner Feedback, March 2008

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